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On this place we want to introduce our targets of breeding:

You can see on our homepage, that we are busy with the Irish Soft Coated Wheatenssinc about six years. In the beginning we “only” wanted to have a family dog, but more and more we loved it to show our male on exibitions. The result was, that our Olli became a sucessful mating dog, one of his daughters came to us and the kennel “of Allstarman’s clan was born.

From which reasons we can be sure to breed wheatens which are healthy, with a good temperament, well socialized and close to the official standard?

We started the “operation wheaten” from the beginning well prepared. To buy a wheaten wasn’t a spontaneous idea and so we knew what we get when Olli came to us.

  • From the beginning we have searched and used all information of the wheaten and of dogs at all we could catch.
  • We are active members of the “OG Dresdenvon 1909”, a terrier group and we use the experience of this group.
  • We bought and, of cause, read many special literature of dogs training, dogs psychology and last not least of breeding.
  • We took part on educations of the German Terrier Club and of the OeKV wich gave us information of dog-breeding.
  • We discussed with the breeders which came with their females to Olli for mating, to use their experience.
  • We used and use the dog shows for discussion with that breeder which are so friendly to give us information from their points of view.
  • We everytime are ready to get any information we can catch - we will never believe to be perfect!
  • For our first liter we get very professional help from the Kennel Hopla, DK, from Anette Thomsen. From the beginning, the help to find a nice and from his pedigree ideal male for Queenie till now, support during birth of puppies to socialisation we can trust to her excellent support. Thank you very much, Anette.
  • We are very glad, that we got some offers to help us every time if it is necesary from German breeders too, for instance kennels “vom Wolfshorst”,”von der schönen Lausitz”, “Errigals”, “Amberwheats”. Thank you for it to these kennels too.
  • We did not want to earn money with our small kennel. We are absolutly fans of this breed and we will try o give to the breed some health dogs with a good temperament, well socialized and with the Irish type coat which we love so much.

All this came at the end to our knoledge to prepare all the conditions to have a litter, to have optimal conditions for the female and the puppies and so, at least to reach our taget of breeding. In which way we solved it you can see on the pictures below.

Training for the puppies playing field, on he right side you see the breeding box. The ground isn’t wood it’s made from stone. A second playing field is installed in the garden.

Queenie’s breeding box, in this time for training.

Queenie on training with a toy. She sleeps in the box since two weeks before litter-date, with her a person which will help her if necessary. We think it is important to have the positive atmosphere during the birth of the puppies.

The room is direct connected with our sitting room. We can close the  door between the rooms when the dog family sleeps or wants to be alone.