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How everything began...with our first dog Olli

We have always known:

for our family it had to be a Wheaten!

What we know now:

We have never regretted this statement and, from today’s point of view, can only confirm it. The Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is the ideal family dog! From when he was a puppy, one thing was true about our ”Olli”:

”Does not bark, does not bite, does not give an inch!”


Ich kann soooo lieb gucken....
DIANA’S HOMESTEAD ALLSTARMAN four months old  Am I dangerous???

Only one question: what characteristics are true for a Wheaten owner?

Ideally, the same. ”Does not yell, does not punish, does not give an inch!”

From our experience, we can come a long way with our Wheaten with love, calm and patience. He then accepts things you could never teach him in a hectic or loud manner. As soon as he hears loud, harsh voices, he either goes deaf and ignores everything, or he obeys and sulks afterwards for good. Both situations are not ideal for a happy human-Wheaten-relationship.


How everything began...second part:

Olli became vather second time and we started thinking about a second dog.

If you own two dogs it is very important that you will have wether two males or two bitches or one male and one bitch. This is the result of our questions about this. So we took a bitch and are now sure, that we were right.
Queenie’s hobby: Make Olli nervous!

How everything began...third part:

We have the first questions now about healthness of our mind. But there was no other way It is a must to have a dog from our own breeding. So Bess of Allstarman’s clan stays with us, she has the same puppy- temperament as Queenie had.

Bess1k Bess-3
Bess-6 Bessbett